Villa������Cherie - Hazelnut

VillaCherie Matching Chair Hazelnut

Find your perfect shape with the Villa Cherie Sofa and Matching Chair. Tapered legs and Chardonnay trims instantly brighten any living room while curving arms and backrests add a dynamic elegance you’ll only find in Hollywood!

  • No: 9008835R-PRCNI-410
  • Dimensions:

  • Sofa and Matching Chair are designed with curving armrests and Porcini velvet
  • Tapered front legs finished in Hazelnut and feature crossed rope motifs in Chardonnay
  • Rail, armrests and feet are finished in Chardonnay
  • Sofa is designed with a wave-shaped back rail. Includes 4 accent pillows
  • Matching Chair includes 1 accent pillow