Malibu Crest

2-Piece Sectional Sofa

Sink into a new look! The Malibu Crest 2 Piece Sofa is designed with radiant frosted linen fabric that features a silvery shimmer in its woven texture. The sofa shape is curved and comfortably padded, helping you create an environment that feels inviting and warm. Sit down, relax into the beautiful accent pillows, and enjoy!
  • No: 9007-2PC-PEARL-822
  • Dimensions:

  • Upholstered in frosted linen in a Pearl color
  • Designed with a curved shape
  • Can be rearranged into a 2 piece or 3 piece sofa
  • Feet and bottom trim are finished in Chardonnay
  • Comes with 7 accent pillows