Glistening Gold

Discover the intersection of elegance and modernity with the Madison collection. This distinctive line flawlessly marries high-class sophistication with an unmistakable touch of glam. Famed for its remarkable dimensionality, every piece is a study in refined design. Intriguingly bronzed mirror accents infuse the collection with a luxurious shimmer, perfectly complementing the clean lines that define each item. Step into the world of Madison, where impeccable taste meets contemporary flair – a space truly designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 2 Madison


4 Madison


6 Madison

7 LFR-MDSN223TB-827 82”l x 18.5”d x 34”h (208.28cm x 46.99cm x 86.36cm) Immerse in the allure of the Madison Console. Adorned with four doors and captivating ringed handles, it perches on slender legs, whispering tales of hidden treasures. Finish: Glistening Gold Console

LFR-MDSN050TB-827 33.75”l x 39.5”d x 16.5”h (85.73cm x 100.33cm x 41.91cm) Small Console 2 Pc This console is a trio of doors, graced with bronzed mirrored accents, casting tantalizing reflections that add captivating dimensions to your room, transforming ordinary spaces into intimate mysteries of glamour. Finish: Glistening Gold 8 Madison


10 Madison

LFR-MDSN500-827 39.5”w x 18.5”d x 63”h (100.33cm x 46.99cm x 160.02cm) Bar Succumb to the Madison Bar’s charm. Bronzed doors open to reveal a world of shelved secrets, offering an intoxicating blend of sophistication and functionality. Raise a glass to exceptional taste and design. Cheers! Finish: Glistening Gold 11

12 Madison LFR-MDSN260-827 60”w x 2.5”d x 40”h (152.40cm x 6.35cm x 101.60cm) Wall Mirror The Madison Wall Mirror, with its sultry rectangular silhouette, doesn’t merely reflect, it enchants. Paired with our console or alone, it infuses any room with undeniable opulence. Finish: Glistening Gold


14 Madison

15 LFR-MDSN060-827 60”w x 2.5”d x 32”h (152.40cm x 6.35cm x 81.28cm) Small Mirror Turn your wall into a canvas of luxury with this Madison mirror. Embellished with bronzed accents, it serves as a reflection and an invitation to luxury. Finish: Glistening Gold

16 Madison A B D E

17 A. Console LFR-MDSN223TB-827 82”l x 18.5”d x 34”h (208.28cm x 46.99cm x 86.36cm) E. Small Mirror LFR-MDSN060-827 60”w x 2”d x 32”h (152.40cm x 6.35cm x 81.28cm) C. Bar LFR-MDSN500-827 39.5”l x 18.5”d x 63”h (100.33cm x 46.99cm x 160.02cm) D. Wall Mirror LFR-MDSN260-827 60”w x 2.5”d x 40”h (152.40cm x 6.35cm x 101.60cm) B. Small Console 2 Pc LFR-MDSN050TB-827 33.75”l x 39.5”d x 16.5”h (85.73cm x 100.33cm x 41.91cm) Index C

CEO and Founder, Michael Amini, uses his extensive world travel as inspiration for AICO®’s luxurious and distinctive pieces. His use of traditional and unique design elements, exceptional materials, hidden features, and innovative production techniques all come together to form an unmatched heirloom quality product that can be enjoyed for generations. AMINI.COM Contained herein are original designs that are protected by copyrights and/or design patents. The unauthorized reproduction of a copyrighted work is unlawful and subjects violators to substantial civil damages, criminal penalties, forfeiture of infringing goods, and payment of all litigation and attorney’s fees. The penalties for unauthorized reproduction of a design-patented work include payment to the patent owner of damages and attorney’s fees. Violations of copyrights and/or design patents can result in prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law. Designs depicted are proprietary with AICO © All rights reserved. 0623 Showrooms: Las Vegas, World Market Center, C1601 High Point, IHFC C802 8725 Rex Road, Pico Rivera, CA 90660 Phone (562) 222-2500 Fax (562) 222-2525